Winter Ramblings

My pergola caved in. Yup. The vine laden thing accumulated far too much snow and ice and in a thundering crash succumbed to the crushing weight last night. Thank goodness no one was under it. Ahh well; looks like I have my first spring project lined up.
Spring…remember that? Just another 2 or 3 months of freezing temperatures and thick snow to wade through; at least where I live.  What to do? Work, Eat Sleep…Write?
Well for some reason my desire to write has increased considerably. I’m not sure why, but I ain’t complaining. I guess the short days and long nights lead one to be introspective and, I don’t know…feel artsy?
I’ve also discovered audio books that I listen to while working at my day job and there is nothing like reading (listening to), a great author to get the motivational juices flowing; as long as the jealousy factor doesn’t interfere :). Oh yea that’s a thing. I read it on the internet so it must be true. Nothing worse than reading a great passage or line by someone else and wishing you could claim that puppy. Its even easy to convince yourself that you would have thought of it eventually (yea…sure self…keep dreamin’)
At the moment I am listening to Patrick Rothfuss’s,  “The Name of The Wind”, which in my humble opinion is one of the best fantasy works written in recent years. It has a flavour reminiscent of a Charles Dicken’s story in some regards, with a little of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes mixed in with a whole measure of originality. There are also a few nods to David Eddings in there as well. In any case it is a great read if you like fantasy. If you are wondering; I have no preference of audiobooks over print. Actually that isn’t entirely true: I think either can be preferred over the other, depending on the book subject, interest level, and your circumstance. I recently listened to The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris and I suspect the audio version is much more captivating and therefore, easier to finish than print. However, a book like that has so much material cited in it that you would probably require a print book simply for reference. That being said, I sometimes get lost in audio books because you have to listen 100% of the time. It isn’t unmanageable when you become distracted and miss parts; but it can be annoying. With print you can stop, flip back a page and re-read for clarification. Finally there is simply that old ‘feeling’ of reading a paper book that sometimes cannot be beat.
Here is a photo of my poor crushed pergola. Meanwhile, try to stay warm, don’t drink too much cider…without me at least.

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