Orphans of Tarnalin

Orphans of Tarnalin Cover

Orphans of Tarnalin is the story of three orphans who find themselves on the run after stealing a large sum of gold from a wealthy merchant. Little do they know that the incidental theft will trigger a series of events that will lead them across vast wilderness where they must combat the elements and face the intrepid beings known as Leks. The three gain allies, who reveal that all is not as it seems in their world nor, indeed, with themselves. Tragedy and loss plague them as they fight for their very survival, all while echoes of war are brewing to the south. Forbidden magic, lost heritage and ultimate sacrifice are all instrumental threads in Orphans of Tarnalin, creating a fortune-twisting, tale like no other.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]

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Author John McDonell