Bloodline Magic Series

Orphans of Tarnalin is the first book in the Bloodline Magic Series. The series follows the story of a group a characters, with the main protagonist being Daern, who begins as an orphan-thief on the streets of Tarnalin but who becomes so much more. The remaining cast of characters lend their own stories to the book and I hope you will enjoy how they interact with their situation and one another.

I have committed myself whole-heartedly to Book Two and at this juncture I am almost certain that a third will be required to bring the series to a conclusion. After that, I will continue to write; perhaps on Bloodline Magic, perhaps on something else. I cannot see that far in to the future. If anyone can, please give me a hint on the lottery numbers next week 😉

The first book, Orphans of Tarnalin, is the story of three young orphans who find themselves fleeing for their lives after pulling off a perfect heist. Forced to leave the city of Tarnalin and stowaway on the Black Rose, they find their adventure has only just begun.The twists, turns and tragedy that befall them threaten to end them, but strength, hope and love drive them on. In a world on the brink, one of them holds the key to everything. A key that comes at a fierce cost.

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Author John McDonell